Historical Museum

  • Beijing, China
  • east of Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China 
    One of the main attractions both in terms of historical significance, as well as from the perspective of architectural value - the building of Beijing Historical Museum near Tiananmen Square. In strict stone house with two rows of tall poles, which stretch along the front, place just two of the museum. The Museum of the Revolution can learn about the history of the liberation struggle of the Chinese people. A Historical Museum acquaints visitors with the history of China from ancient times to the middle of the XIX century.

    Historical Museum for many years fulfills its scientific and educational mission. The exposition is split into three sections, according to the specific historical and cultural epochs. A vast area there are several thousands of different exhibits. Numerous windows and store displays rare artifacts thousands of years ago and things are more familiar common man. About Chinese history tell colorful dioramas and models, copies of works of art and the real creation, collected from many places in China. Exposition carefully thought out, with all the latest achievements of museum work.
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