Temple-chapel of the Icon of the Mother of God "Reigning"

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Prechistenskaya nab., 37, Moscow, Russian Federation 
  • The winter of 1990 at the site bounded by the waterfront and Prachystsenskay Valhontsy, solemnly laid the stone on which bears the inscription that this stone in the name Reigning Mother of God is a harbinger of restoration of the destroyed during the years of Soviet power of Christ the Savior on the historic site.

    Restoring exploded in 1931 the church began in 1994, and a year later, in the vicinity of the shrine erected tent was built a small chapel. Wooden church was consecrated in the name of the icon of the Virgin "Reigning" whose image was wonderfully prepared on the day of the abdication of Emperor Nicholas II from the throne. The project was developed by architect chapel AN Obolensky. Regular services in the new church began almost immediately after the completion of construction.
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