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Sheung Wan is located on is on nothern part part of Hong Kong (Bigene Sector, ), 17 kilometers on south from Tai Po District. We have found 2 attractions here, some interesting of them: Street stone steps, Museum of Medical Sciences. You can to look around too. On east (0 kilometers) is Monastery Man, Market on Graham Street (0 km). On nothwest (0 kilometers) is Park "Hollywood Road". On noth (0 kilometers) is Market Western Market. On southeast (0 kilometers) is Mid-levels Escalator.

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Park "Hollywood Road" Mid Levels
Market Western Market Tai Ping Shan
Mid-levels Escalator Central District
Market on Graham Street Central District
The Center skyscraper Hong Kong
Driving club "Saydveyz" Central District
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Central District
Ferry Terminal Hong Kong Macau Tai Ping Shan
Skyscraper Chater House Hong Kong
Zoological and Botanical Gardens in Hong Kong Central District
Government House in Hong Kong Hong Kong
Government building Hong Kong
Jardine House Hong Kong
International Financial Centre Hong Kong
Hong Kong Museum of Art Hong Kong
Feng Pingshan Museum in Hong Kong Shek Tong Tsui
Area Statues Hong Kong
HSBC Building Hong Kong
Queen Square Hong Kong
The complex of the University Museum and Art Gallery Shek Tong Tsui
Church of St. Joseph Hong Kong
Legislative Council of Hong Kong Hong Kong
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Посилання на зображення Coastal business buildings in Sheung WanПосилання на зображення A clock tower in Sheung WanПосилання на зображення Western Market Sheung WanПосилання на зображення The Hong Kong Macau...  More
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Посилання на зображення Coastal business buildings in Sheung WanПосилання на зображення A clock tower in Sheung WanПосилання на зображення Western Market, Sheung WanПосилання на зображення The Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung WanПосилання на зображення Sheung Wan Tram TerminusSheung Wan is an area in Hong Kong, located in the north-west of Hong Kong Island, between Central and Sai Ying Pun. Administratively, it is part of the Central and Western District. The name can be variously interpreted as Upper District (occupying relatively high ground compared to Central and Wan Chai), or Gateway District (perhaps a reference to the location where the British first entered and occupied Hong Kong).Зміст1 History2 Geography3 Features4 The Sheung Wan Route5 Streets6 Transport7 See also8 ReferencesHistorySheung Wan was one of the earliest settled places by the British, and belonged to the historical Victoria City. The site of the original occupation of Hong Kong Island by British forces in 1842 was at Possession Street, between Queen's Road Central and Hollywood Road. A plaque to this effect can be found in Hollywood Road Park at the top of Possession Street. The foot of Possession Street, Possession Point, was at that time on the shoreline, but is now several hundred yards inland due to reclamation.GeographySheung Wan is surrounded by Sai Ying Pun in the west, Central in the east, Victoria Harbour in the north and Mid-Levels in the south. The border of Central and Sheung Wan is along Aberdeen Street and Wing Kut Street.Features Blake Garden Hollywood Road Park Man Mo Temple Pak Tsz Lane Park Sheung Wan Civic Centre Shun Tak Centre Soho, Hong Kong (also part of Central) The Center Tung Wah Hospital Western Market Sheung Wan MarketDeWolf, Christopher "9 Hong Kong tourist traps -- for better or worse" CNN Go. 27 October 2010. Retrieved 2012-03-03 Hong Kong Museum of Medical Scienceshttp://www.amo.gov.hk/en/monuments_41.php YMCA of Hong Kong Bridge Street Centre http://bsc.ymca.org.hk/page.aspx?corpname=BridgeStreetCentre&i=948&locale=en-USThe Sheung Wan RouteThe Sheung Wan Route is one part of Central and Western Heritage Trail designed by the Antiquities and Monuments Office and Leisure and Cultural Services Department. The route covers 35 historic buildings and sites in Sheung Wan.http://www.amo.gov.hk/en/trails_sheungwan.phpStreetsStreets in Sheung Wan include: Aberdeen Street, marking the border with Central Bonham Strand and Bonham Strand West Bridges Street Cleverly Street (急庇利街). Named after Charles Saint George Cleverly, the 2nd Surveyor General of Hong Kong Government. Des Voeux Road Central and Des Voeux Road West Gough Street Hillier Street Hollywood Road (also in Central) Jervois Street Ladder Street and other ladder streets Man Wa Lane Morrison Street (摩利臣街) Possession Street Pound Lane, a ladder street Queen's Road Central and Queen's Road West Rumsey Street Shing Wong Street, a ladder street Tai Ping Shan Street Upper and Lower Lascar Row Wellington Street, Hong Kong (also in Central) Wing Lee Street Wing Lok Street (永樂街) Wing Sing StreetTransportSheung Wan is served by the Sheung Wan Station, formerly the western terminus of the Island Line of the MTR metro system. Kennedy Townbecame the new terminus of the Island on December 28, 2014.Trams also run through Sheung Wan, and one of the tram termini, Western Market, is located at the junction of Des Voeux Road Central and Morrison Street near its namesake.Numerous bus routes run through Sheung Wan. Central (Macau Ferry) Bus Terminus, located next to the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal, is one of the largest bus termini on Hong Kong Island.The Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal in the Shun Tak Centre has ferries and helicopters to Macau and to several destinations in Mainland China.See also Central and Western Heritage Trail: Sheung Wan Route Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail List of areas of Hong KongReferences

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