Hong Kong Museum of Art

  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • No.5 Huanghou Main Street, Zhongxi District, Hong Kong, China 
  • Hong Kong Museum of Art - the main art museum of the country. It was created on the initiative of the City Hall and the Central City Council in 1962. The museum is located in the City Hall and in 1991 was moved to the current premises.

    The main purpose of the museum was to preserve the cultural heritage of China. The museum's collection of more than 15,000 items of Chinese painting, calligraphy, drawings and sketches, antiques, jewelry and paintings that have historical significance.   

    The museum has five permanent galleries, which are located on three floors. Here you can admire the objects of bronze, jade, ceramics and enamel. From time to time in the museum hosts various exhibitions, which show exhibits from local and foreign sources. The advantage of the museum is that it is situated in an excellent location with good views of Victoria Harbour. This amazing landscape helps to immerse not only in art, but also to see the beauty neopisuemuyuuyu the nature of this region.
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