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Paris 03 Temple is located on is on nothern part part of France (Paris, Region Ile-de-France), 42 kilometers on noth from Region Ile-de-France. We have found 3 attractions here, some interesting of them: Winter Circus, Musee des Arts et Metiers, Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature. You can to look around too. On south (0 kilometers) is Picasso Museum, Hotel Sale (0 km). On notheast (0 kilometers) is Statue of the Republic. On noth (0 kilometers) is House of Humour and Satire. On southwest (1 kilometers) is Museum of the National Archives in the mansion Soubise.

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Picasso Museum Marais Quarter
Hotel Sale Marais Quarter
Statue of the Republic Republique
House of Humour and Satire Republique
Museum of the National Archives in the mansion Soubise Marais Quarter
Museum of French History Marais Quarter
Musee d`Art et Histoire du Judaisme Paris 04 Hotel-de-Ville
Puppet Museum in Paris Paris 04 Hotel-de-Ville
Garden of Anne Frank Paris 04 Hotel-de-Ville
Musée Cognacq-Jay Marais Quarter
Conservatory of Arts and Crafts Paris 10 Entrepot
Paris Metro Paris 04 Hotel-de-Ville
Shopping center Les Quatre Temps Paris 04 Hotel-de-Ville
Galerie Corcia
Paris 10 Entrepot
Dutch Ambassador Hotel Ambassadors Marais Quarter
Aristocratic Marais Marais Quarter
Visual Arts Centre Paris 10 Entrepot
The Jewish Quarter Marais Quarter
Bataklan Marais Quarter
Club Les Bains-Douches Les Halles
Theater "Renaissance" in Paris Paris 10 Entrepot
Experimental cafe-theater "Cafe de la Gare" Paris 04 Hotel-de-Ville
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