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Paris 02 Bourse is located on is on nothern part part of France (Paris, Region Ile-de-France), 42 kilometers on noth from Region Ile-de-France. We have found 9 attractions here, some interesting of them: Restaurant "Au Pied de Cochon", Restaurant "Au Rocher De Cancale", Rue Montorgueil, Shop cookbooks, Museum of coins, medals and Antiques. You can to look around too. On west (0 kilometers) is Gymnase Club, Library-Museum at the Comedie Francaise (0 km). On southeast (0 kilometers) is The Church of Saint-Eustache, Sculpture "The Listener" (0 km). On south (0 kilometers) is Cinema UGC Cine Cite Les Al.

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Shop cookbooks
Museum of coins, medals and Antiques
Cairo area
Victory Square
Museum in the grass
Street Etienne Marcel
Gymnase Club Palais-Royal
Library-Museum at the Comedie Francaise Palais-Royal
The Church of Saint-Eustache Les Halles
Cinema UGC Cine Cite Les Al Les Halles
Sculpture "The Listener" Les Halles
The restaurant "Le Grand Vefour" Palais-Royal
Gallery Vero Doda Palais-Royal
Jardin du Palais Royal Palais-Royal
Belly of Paris Les Halles
Buren Columns Palais-Royal
Fountains Palais Royal Palais-Royal
Fashion house Christian Lacroix Paris 01 Louvre
Cafe "Au Bec Fin" Palais-Royal
Palais Royal Palais-Royal
Comedie Francaise theater Palais-Royal
Metro station "Louvre-Rivoli" Paris 01 Louvre
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