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Bercy is located on is on nothern part part of France (Paris, Region Ile-de-France), 39 kilometers on noth from Region Ile-de-France. We have found 10 attractions here, some interesting of them: Bridge Charles de Gaulle, District-Bercy Village, Musee des Arts Forains, Bercy Park, French National Library. You can to look around too. On notheast (1 kilometers) is Promenade walkway. On southwest (1 kilometers) is MK2 movie theater on the River Seine. On noth (1 kilometers) is Viaduct Arts. On west (1 kilometers) is The architectural ensemble Les Docks. On south (1 kilometers) is Left bank.

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Bercy Park
French National Library
Bridge Bercy
Gare de Bercy
Cinémathèque Française
Swimming pool Josephine Baker
Promenade walkway Paris 12 Reuilly
MK2 movie theater on the River Seine Austerlitz
Viaduct Arts Paris 12 Reuilly
The architectural ensemble Les Docks Austerlitz
Left bank Austerlitz
Theatre Dunois Austerlitz
National Sports Museum Austerlitz
Cemetery Picpus Cemetery Nation
Gare d'Austerlitz Austerlitz
Hotel Mason Bastille
Theatre Bulvil Nation
Area Nations Nation
Cabaret Artishow Nation
Theater "Golden Hand" Bastille
St Margaret's, Westminster Paris 11 Popincourt
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