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    Beautiful countryside on the southern outskirts of Kiev, where the park is located "Feofania" and St. Panteleimon nunnery. First mentioned in 1471 as a natural boundary Lazarevschina belonging to the governor of Kiev clocks. In 1803 he settled here Bishop Theophan Chigirinsky and farm was named Feofania. Then he built the first wooden church in honor of the Miracle of the Archangel Michael and the bishop's house. In 1861 Theophany monastery was founded, and in 1912 there was built a majestic Panteleimon Cathedral. The monastery was closed in 1930, It housed hospitals of various departments, the main observatory and field experimental laboratory of the Institute of Botany, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Only in 1990, the mutilated building of the cathedral was returned to the Orthodox church. Three years later, became a hermitage Feofania Pokrovsky monastery, and in 2002 the monastery became independent. The territory of the tract has the status of a monument of landscape art, a slave state protected economy "Feofania" National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Since 2003, being renovated recreation area near the pond with the arrangement of water supply, drainage, arbors, fountains lining the cobbled lanes, lined shores, and so on. D. The reconstruction is not finished yet, but now the park is popular among the townspeople.
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