Jardine House

  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • 1 Connaught Place, Hong Kong, China 
  • Pole house - is an office center in Hong Kong, until 1980, the former tallest building not only in Hong Kong but also in Asia.

    Construction of the tower was completed in 1972. At that time, it was unique to the urban environment of Hong Kong in the 52-floor building: it was not just the highest (178.5 meters), but combined with the neighboring landmark buildings, creating a bizarre, very urbanized environment.

    The building is reinforced metal frame, it is a feature of the original round windows. Especially for him have been designed and made special elevators and escalators. This is where the offices of many well-known and large companies. In addition to office premises, there is a contemporary art gallery and many catering establishments. It is also a building like to shoot in the movie.
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