House "under the glass"

  • Moscow, Russia
  • 1st Obydenskiy per., 14, Moscow, Russia 
  • House "under the glass" - is one of the most famous and ancient houses of Russia. It was built in 1909. On the roof of the house is a dome in the form of an overturned glass. The house was built at the personal request of the merchant EM Filatov. In this house quite a few interesting legends. One of them says that the house was built after the merchant stopped drinking. The house could not be better reflects the Moscow Art Nouveau.

    The left part of the house was re-plan in 1904 by architect E.R.K. Nirnzee. This house - an object of cultural heritage of Russia. In ancient times, the house has a large number of communal apartments. Over time, almost all the apartments were purchased by individuals. In one of the communal apartments in 1990 lived a famous gallery owner Marat Gelman.
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