Actor's House (kenassas)

    architectural monument, 1900

  • Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Str. Yaroslav Val, 7 
  • касса: 17:00-19:00 
  • +380(44)235-20-81
    Karaite kenasa building built in 1900 by architect. Vladimir Gorodetsky at the expense of "tobacco kings" Cohen. Construction of Kiev ordered community of Karaites, who are considered descendants of the ancient Khazar (Turks origin, Jews by religion). Kogeny were influential members of the Karaite community of the city. The building is in an unusual Moorish style. It was considered one of the most beautiful in the city, struck luxury finishes and craftsmanship. The exterior finish is made of very progressive while material - cement. The walls have a thickness of 1.5 m at the base. The building is crowned with a dome with a spire. In Soviet times, there was placed a puppet theater, a cinema, and since 1981 - House of the actor. Pass plays, concerts, exhibitions and literary event.
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