Profitable House of AF Talanov

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, Center, Arbat Street. Cook, d. 29/36. 
  • Profitable House of AF Talanov outside Kucharski, 29/36 - a corner house with five floors, which was built in 1912 by architect L. Stezhensky. This house, the facade of which is directed to Kukharsky streets and alleys Trubnikovsky, consolidated all the laws of the neoclassical style.
    In accordance with a record of the city registry, it is known that in 1915 the house has settled Talanov Moscow Georgian society during World War II opened in this room in a hospital for the wounded.
    In the years after the revolution large apartment in a former apartment building began to be used as communal. It is known that in one of these rooms lived princely family Gagarynyh, which until 1917 owned the apartment. In 1957, in one of the communal rooms that were previously closet, there lived a family of the artist IS Glazunov.
    In 2001 the building of apartment house AF Talanov given the status of an architectural monument and a heritage.
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