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Alt-Koelln is located on is on eastern part part of Germany (Regierungsbezirk Giessen, Land Berlin), 2 kilometers on nothwest from Land Berlin. We have found 6 attractions here, some interesting of them: Church Fraydrichsverder, Die Mitte shopping center, Restaurant Brasserie Am Gendarmenmarkt, Moss House, Island Shpreeinzel. You can to look around too. On notheast (0 kilometers) is Restaurant-Pub Brauhaus Georgbraeu, Quarter Nikolaiviertel (0 km), Restaurant "Mutter Hoppe" (0 km), Restaurant Reinhards (0 km). On east (0 kilometers) is Gateway Myulendamm.

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Moss House
Island Shpreeinzel
Restaurant-Pub Brauhaus Georgbraeu Nikolaiviertel
Gateway Myulendamm Nikolaiviertel
Quarter Nikolaiviertel Nikolaiviertel
Restaurant "Mutter Hoppe" Nikolaiviertel
Restaurant Reinhards Nikolaiviertel
Lustgarten Berlin Mitte
DDR Museum Berlin Mitte
Berlin Cathedral Berlin Mitte
Red Town Hall Nikolaiviertel
Sculptural composition "Bathers on the Spree" Berlin Mitte
Museum Island: Pergamon Museum Berlin Mitte
Museum Island: Old National Gallery Berlin Mitte
Fountain "Neptune" in Berlin Berlin Mitte
Museum Island: Old Museum Berlin Mitte
Akvadiv in Berlin Berlin Mitte
German Historical Museum Berlin Mitte
Museum Island, Egyptian Museum of Berlin Berlin Mitte
Museum Island: Antique collection Berlin Berlin Mitte
Museum Island: New Museum Berlin Mitte
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