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Wangjing is located on is on central part part of China (Weifang Shi, Beijing Shi), 28 kilometers on south from Beijing Shi. We have found 6 attractions here, some interesting of them: Art gallery "798", The National Museum of Modern Chinese Literature, Area designer clothes 751, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Sculpture "Invasion of wolves". You can to look around too. On south (3 kilometers) is Park Side, Chinese Cultural Center (5 km). On east (4 kilometers) is Railroad Museum of China. On southeast (4 kilometers) is Lilac Garden. On southwest (5 kilometers) is Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing College.

We propose to visit the most interesting attractions:

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Ullens Center for Contemporary Art
Sculpture "Invasion of wolves"
Park Side Dongfeng
Railroad Museum of China Dongba
Lilac Garden Jiuxianqiao
Cafa Art Museum
Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing College Dongcheng Qu
Chinese Cultural Center Dongfeng
Aviation Museum in Beijing Dongba
Restaurant "Lotus In Moonlight" Dongcheng Qu
Museum Guanfu Jinzhan
Beijing Museum of Classical Art Guanfu Jinzhan
Museum of Science and Technology of China Datun
Center for Contemporary MOMA Broadway Film Dongcheng Qu
Stadium "Bird's Nest" Datun
Beijing Circus Datun
Linked Hybrid complex Dongcheng Qu
Agricultural Museum of China Dongfeng
China National Convention Center Wali
National Aquatics Center Wali
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