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Dongcheng Qu is located on is on central part part of China (Dongguan Shi, Beijing Shi), 36 kilometers on south from Beijing Shi. We have found 40 attractions here, some interesting of them: Yonghe Palace, Wax Museum, Beijing Ancient Observatory, Lama temple Yunhegun, Beijing market Yabaolu. You can to look around too. On west (2 kilometers) is Complex of temples and Songzhu Zhizhu, Bridge Houmen (2 km), Temple Huoshen (2 km). On south (2 kilometers) is Cathedral of St. Joseph. On southwest (2 kilometers) is Former Residence of Lao She.

We propose to visit the most interesting attractions:

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Lama temple Yunhegun
Beijing market Yabaolu
Beijing market Yashou
The Tibetan Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing
Beijing Silk Market
Confucius Temple in Beijing
Ritan Park
Linked Hybrid complex
Restaurant "Lotus In Moonlight"
The Art Museum
Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing College
Theatre acrobatic show Tiandi
Park Nyanguan
Black Temple of Wisdom
Sanlitun Bar Street
Chinese Museum brand
Beijing People's Art Theatre
Zhihua Temple
The former residence of Wanrong
Aquarium "Blue Zoo Beijing"
Museum of International Friendship
Museum hats Shengxifu
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