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Chongwen Qu is located on is on central part part of China (Chuzhou Shi, Beijing Shi), 42 kilometers on south from Beijing Shi. We have found 10 attractions here, some interesting of them: Temple of Heaven, Park City Wall of the Ming Dynasty, Longtan Lake Park, Temple Xiannongtan, Jintai Academy. You can to look around too. On nothwest (2 kilometers) is Traditional Qianmen Pedestrian Street, Храм Guanyu (2 km), Beijing Railway Museum (2 km), Shopping street DaZhalan (2 km). On noth (2 kilometers) is Beijing Police Museum.

We propose to visit the most interesting attractions:

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Temple Xiannongtan
Jintai Academy
Danbi Bridge
Beijing Tianning Tower
Museum of Women and Children in China
Museum of Natural History
Liyuan Theatre
Traditional Qianmen Pedestrian Street Beijing
Храм Guanyu Beijing
Beijing Railway Museum Beijing
Beijing Police Museum Beijing
Shopping street DaZhalan Beijing
Church Asbruy Beijing
Museum Songtangzhai Beijing
Red Theatre Beijing
Huguang Guild Hall of Beijing Opera Beijing
Lao She Tea Beijing
House of Memory of Mao Zedong Beijing
Liulichang Street Beijing
National Museum of China Beijing
Dongdan Sports Complex Beijing
Monument to the People's Heroes Beijing
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