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Baizhifang is located on is on central part part of China (Suzhou Shi, Beijing Shi), 43 kilometers on south from Beijing Shi. We have found 10 attractions here, some interesting of them: Taoist monastery "White Cloud Baiyun", Museum of Tea, Fayuan Si Buddhist temple, Niujie Mosque, Park Lianhuachi. You can to look around too. On south (1 kilometers) is Museum of ancient pottery, Garden Daguanyuan (1 km), Beijing Museum of the city wall and Jin dynasties Liao (2 km). On noth (3 kilometers) is National Museum of Arts and Crafts. On notheast (3 kilometers) is Beijing Xuanwumen Church.

We propose to visit the most interesting attractions:

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Niujie Mosque
Park Lianhuachi
China Millennium Monument
Beijing Baiyun Taoist Temple
Memorial Temple Yang Jiaoshan
Metropolitan Museum
Mosque Niujie Mosque
Museum of ancient pottery Xuanwu Qu
Garden Daguanyuan Xuanwu Qu
Beijing Museum of the city wall and Jin dynasties Liao Majiapu
National Museum of Arts and Crafts FengSheng
Beijing Xuanwumen Church FengSheng
Huguang Guild Hall of Beijing Opera Beijing
Liulichang Street Beijing
Liyuan Theatre Chongwen Qu
Beijing Palace of Culture nationalities FengSheng
Liulichang Street Beijing
Shopping street DaZhalan Beijing
Museum Songtangzhai Beijing
Muslim temple Yongshou FengSheng
Park Wanfangting Majiapu
Beijing Park Yuetan FengSheng
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