Bersenevskaya embankment

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  • Bersenevskaya embankment - Moskva River embankment near Yakimanka Central Administrative District of Moscow. Quay starts from Big Stone Bridge and ends in front of the monument to Peter the Great.

    There are two theories of the name waterfront. According to one theory, the promenade is named after the 16th century existed in the nearby lattice waylaid by robbers. The grille has been built at the expense of a nobleman I. Bersen-Beklemisheva, after whom was named peregorozhdenie. The second theory relates the origin of the name from the old Russian word "Bersenev" (gooseberry).

    First pedestrian promenade was, but after years of reconstruction 1737-1745 Bersenevskaya embankment was reinforced piles and became carriageway street width from 4 to 11 fathoms. Today Bersenevskaya embankment famous for such architectural gems the building of the factory "Red October" (1911), the hostel confectionery factory "Red October" (1898), Church of St. Nicholas (1657) and others.
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