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  • In the 11th arrondissement of Paris is Bataklan (Le Bataclan), a theater with a large concert hall, where the legendary show. Building Le Bataclan - bright, original, creation of architect Charles Duval. Building, in the style of a Chinese pagoda was completed in 1864 and 3 February 1865 the opening of the theater. Le Bataclan immediately became popular. In a broad theater hall is a famous ballet dancers and acrobatics, the program is full of plays, vaudeville.

    During its existence, the theater changed owners, changed and repertoire. In 1926, the new owner turned the Le Bataclan in cinema. The building itself is also several times suffered transformation, especially after a fire in 1933 needed restructuring. In 1969, Le Bataclan again appears theater. In the new hall of 1500 seats.

    Today, Le Bataclan, the program offers a variety of activities. In a large ballroom held rock, pop concerts. Operate regularly discos. On the ground floor is a cafe provides.
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