American Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

  • Champs-Elysees, France
  • 23 av. George V, Paris, France 
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    Cathedral designed by the well-known company that built the building of the Legislative Court in London. The temple is made in the style of Gothic Revival. The decor of the building there are Pre-Raphaelite stained glass, sharp needles begging, which depicts 50 state colors and hang 50 flags of US states. Floor of the church is made of expensive Italian and Belgian mramora.Ryadom with the Cathedral is a memorial chapel dedicated to Americans who died in World War II.

    Now the American church works as a parish. Services are conducted in English. But despite this, the Council is the first residence of the bishop of the Episcopal Church in Europe.

    American Cathedral of the Holy Trinity was captured in a picture of a great artist. Original paintings by Jean Beraud "After serving in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Christmas 1890" is stored in the Carnavalet Museum.
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